Where can I find a petition to sign? Volunteers head out when time allows so it is hard to say exactly where a petitioner might be at any given time, even when a volunteer plans to be somewhere, things happen. The best way to sign a petition is to stop by one of the businesses that have petition sheets, they also have sheets for people to sign.


Who can sign Initiative 8? Only registered voters living in Tacoma. If a person wants to sign, encourage them to register to vote by going online to the Online Voter Registration – Washington Secretary of State


Where can I find a place to pick up petition sheets? Current list of locations:

Lincoln Hardware

Mr. Mac

Tacoma Lamp Repair


How many signatures are needed? 12,794 but need to turn in 17,000 to be sure enough people who sign are actually Tacoma registered voters.


What is the deadline for turning in the signatures? The campaign is turning them into the city clerk on July 7, 2017 – but don’t wait until the last minute, we need signatures in every day to make our weekly goals.


What happens to my signature when I sign Initiative 8? Like all signatures on petitions for access to the ballot, they are part of the public record. Court cases have been fought about trying to keep the names of people who sign a petition private, but then, how would the public then know if the signatures are truly valid?


What does the petition look like?