Charter Amendment 47

This amendment, sponsored by the chair of the Pierce County Council, Douglas Richardsan and passed by the council, seeks to extend term limits for Pierce County politicians. Voters should say no to this blatant attempt to circumvent the will of the voters who have repeatedly voted in favor of limiting terms of elected officials to two terms.


Dear Pierce County Voters,

In 1980, voters limited the Pierce County Council Members to two 4-year terms. Citizens wanted to limit the terms of office for politicians. Now, not a single citizen supported this change, but just six Pierce County Council members do, so with no public discussion, voters have been given a pop quiz on term limits.

Citizens beware. When term limits come from politicians, something is up. In this case, desperate politicians on the Pierce County Council want to extend their own term limits.

The Pierce County Voters Pamphlet does not contain the language of the term limit extension charter amendment. Here is what six out of seven council members (Derek Young voted no) passed:

Sponsored by: Councilmember Douglas G. Richardson

Requested by: Pierce County Council


An Ordinance of the Pierce County Council Proposing Amendments to

Section 4.90 of the Pierce County Charter to Set the Limit on Terms for County Councilmembers to Three Consecutive 4-Year Terms; Requesting the Auditor to Submit these Amendments to the Voters at the November 2017 General Election; and Requesting the Prosecuting Attorney to Draft an Appropriate Ballot Title.

Whereas, Section 8.50 of the Pierce County Charter (Charter) grants authority to the County Council (Council) to propose Charter amendments to be submitted to the voters at the next November general election occurring at least 90 days after filing; and

Whereas, Section 8.60 of the Charter requires a minimum of two-thirds affirmative vote of the Council to enact an ordinance proposing Charter amendments; and

Whereas, an Ordinance proposing Charter amendments is not subject to the veto power of the Executive; and

Whereas, pursuant to Section 8.50(1) of the Charter, “…an amendment which embraces a single or interrelated subject may be submitted as a single proposition even though it Is composed of changes to one or more articles.”; and

Whereas, the Council finds that amendments to Section 4.90 of the Charter

setting the limit on terms for County Councilmembers to three consecutive 4-year terms will serve the needs and best Interests of the citizens of Pierce County; Now Therefore,

BE IT ORDAINED by the Council of Pierce County:

Section 1. The Pierce County Council hereby proposes amendments to Section 4.90 of the Charter as set forth in Exhibit A, which is attached hereto and Incorporated herein by reference, for submittal to the voters at the November 2017 General Election.

Section 2. The Pierce County Prosecuting Attorney is hereby requested to draft an appropriate ballot title for the proposed Charter amendments set forth in Exhibit A.

Section 3. This Ordinance shall be filed with the Auditor immediately upon adoption for submittal to the voters at the November 2017 General Election.

PASSED this 25th day of July of 2017.


Pierce County, Washington

Denise D. Johnson

Clerk of the Council

Douglas G. Richirdson

Council Chair

Below is how the Pierce County Council wants to change the charter: