Charter Amendment 46

The Pierce County Voters Pamphlet is misleading the voters. The incorrect statement written by Ron Lucas, Steilacoom mayor, and Catherine Rudolph, Government Affairs Director at Pierce County Realtors – both should know better than to blatantly mislead voters. These two promoters of the inside crowd wrote this in the rebuttal statement:

“The Commission asked the County Council to place this amendment on the ballot.”

This is not true. Below is a copy of the resolution passed by the council and it clearly shows at the top of the page who the sponsors are. It clearly states: Requested by: County Council. The 21-member, elected Citizen Commissioners declined to place this on the ballot, so the council did it themselves.  The Pierce County Voters Pamphlet does not have the complete text of the charter amendment published. The two page document is published here so voters can read exactly what they are voting on.